Author Michael Jacobson's Horse and Coyote II Book Cover

By Michael Jacobson

Horse and Coyote II

Adventures, Friends, and Enemies

Children’s Books, Fiction, Short Stories

Horse spied his friend coming down the
path. Coyote had a mischievous smile.

Follow the adventures of Horse and Coyote as they continue to welcome new friends into their lives and find a way to learn valuable lessons that everyone can benefit from.

Michael Jacobson draws upon memories of his childhood for his friendly, playful and sometimes mischievous characters. The second-oldest boy in a family of seven, he was often left to his own devices while his mom cared for his younger siblings. At times the house was in chaos and he retreated to the surrounding woodlands for peace and quiet. That’s where he started collecting tales of fiction, friendship, and fantasy to be brought to life decades later.

Honorable mention
2021 Idaho Writer’s Guild short story contest
Boise, Idaho

By Michael Jacobson

A Veteran’s Cry

Poetry, Self-Help, Historical

Micheal Jacobson wrote, “A Veterans Cry” for veterans. He also wrote it for people who support veterans be they friends, family, or complete strangers. It was written to those of you who chose to protest- in what we have done, what we do now, and what we will choose to do in the future.

This book was written to give a little insight into a world that is sometimes filled with the unspeakable. It is a world that is very often misunderstood. Many vets have trouble relating to non-vets and the reverse is often just as true. As in many professions of public service people sometimes have trouble understanding the full scope of our different jobs and therefore tend to forget that we too are just people. It was best quoted to Michael one day by a friend: “We were common people sent to do uncommon things”.

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A Veterans Cry was also written as a continuing healing journey for Micheal Jacobson. In the seventeen years of his military service, only a few were spent in combat situations. It was not until several years after his separation from the military that his memories came forward and asked to be healed from those things Michael thought were long buried; and therefore gone.

These few pages were not necessarily things that happened to Michael. Most of them came from talking and listening to fellow veterans. Some he knew personally, many he did not.

Veteran Storyteller

Michael Jacobson

Michael Jacobson was born in Seattle, WA. in 1958. He follows in the steps of his Father, Harry Jacobson as a poet and writer. Michael began writing poetry in 1993 and has added short stories and a children’s book to his to-do list recently. He is a 17-year U.S. Army combat veteran and a former long-haul truck driver. Michael wrote several books while living in North Idaho and currently resides in Anacortes, Washington.

Other Books

I Sometimes Feel Alone

Poetry, Native American Poetry

I Sometimes Feel Alone is Michael’s second book of poetry. A Veteran’s Cry-The Journey Home; Started a healing process, the journey continues with his second book by revealing a look into the Native American part of his ancestry.

The Adventures of Horse and Coyote

Children’s Books, Fiction, Short Stories

Four short stories share mishaps and possible ways to resolve these little problems.

In the footsteps of his dad, Michael wrote his first poem in the fall of 1992. It was until 2008 that he jumped into his first children’s book, and he has been having more fun ever since. Unlike his dad’s first children’s book “Teddy Bear Tales,” The Adventures of Horse and Coyote share with the readers, young, old, and still young at heart, it’s not Coyote’s fault, right?

A Soldier’s Tour of Duty: War, Peace & Protest

Biographies, Military Veterans Stories

A Soldier’s Tour of Duty has been a little over ten years in the making. Writing, reviewing, and going through multiple edits (to make sure the story accurately reflects the tone you want) has been as therapeutic as the counseling I had to return to. It is my hope and prayer for other veterans and family members who have contributed their stories, that they also find peace and closure with the many challenges they have faced.


A wonderful little book that hits home for those who understand or trying to understand . Magnificent for insight towards a healing journey, and to continue to recognize the many facets of such special people.

– MG


Mr. Jacobson has written a book that I could not put down. It immersed me in the military experience from combat to the aftermath to the humorous, using all manner of genre. I wanted it to go on and on. As a combat veteran myself, A Soldier’s Tour of Duty rang true on every page. You weep, you cheer, and you even laugh. I look forward ot more writing from this author.

– Destry


Thought provoking, deep, poignant, meaningful, not trite in any way.

– Judy M. Schaffer